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We provide integral solutions which make a transcendent strategy out of


We make a team with clients from various sectors. Both from the public and corporate


Exclusive partners in Mexico of the Public Relations Organization International (PROI).

About Us

More than experts, we are passionate about communication.
Our clients benefit from our large offering of communicational resources.

We provide the best media training in the country. Through an integral preparation, we make public figures or organizational spokespersons take control in any situation and become a strength of their organization.

We have the skill and knowledge to generate opinion currents and highlight certain themes in the public sphere, which contributes to our clients increasing their possibilities to successfully reach their business and positioning objectives.

More than 20 years handling high-impact crises with tangible and successful results. We have the experience, ability, and sensibility to, as a team, overcome any contingency which threatens the operability and reputation of companies, institutions, or public actors.

Our efforts are oriented toward obtaining results in the short, medium, and long term.

We offer consulting, detailed studies, and the most complete definition of online strategy through the creation and optimization of profiles, contents, and social network analysis.

We align all of the company’s communication tools to achieve coherence between its service mission and business strategy. We are experts in building and capitalizing on its communication assets and making them more efficient, in terms of perception, against the competition.

In FWD we know how to intelligently and strategically build mutually beneficial

With a synergetic focus, we link our clients to decision-makers in the public, private, and social sector so that their initiatives and projects can transcend.

In Mexico, we are an exclusive member of P.R.O.I.
(Public Relations Organization International).
Core global network of independent public relations agencies with a presence in the world’s 85 principal cities; with over 4,000 consultants who serve more than 4,400 clients.

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